Dog owner furious after man who kicked her pet in West Bridgford judged to have committed no crime

Aislinn with Miffy

Furious dog owner Aislin Ball is calling for a change in the law after she was told by police no action would be taken against a man who she says attacked her pet.

She said she is “very distressed” after her pug Miffy was booted into the middle of a busy road in West Bridgford.

Fortunately there were no cars coming at the time of the incident and Miffy did not sustain any injuries.

Ms Ball, 32, called police, who arrived soon after. But officers told her that no crime had been committed.

She said: “I think it is wrong. If I kicked the man who did this I could be done for assault.

“More needs to be done to protect animals who are abused in this way.

“Miffy did nothing wrong. Then suddenly she is kicked into the middle of the road.

“She landed on her back with a yelp. It is just lucky there were no cars coming and I could go pick her up.”

The incident happened at about 3.30pm on Saturday in Rutland Road, West Bridgford.

Ms Ball had been walking Miffy, a rescue dog, through West Bridgford Park when the man shouted to her that Miffy should be on a lead.

Ms Ball said: “He pointed to a sign which said dogs must be under control. It didn’t say on a lead. Miffy was under control.

“My partner became involved in a dispute with him. It became quite heated.

“Miffy ran over to my partner. Then she got kicked. It was awful to see.”

Ms Ball put the details of the incident on her Facebook profile page. It has been shared 5,000 times.

“I didn’t think it would create this much attention,” she said.

One Facebook user commented: “Why this isn’t a crime completely baffles me.”

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman confirmed they had been called out.

He said: “Officers were called just after 3.45pm on Saturday to a report of a man who had allegedly kicked another member of the public’s dog in Rutland Road, West Bridgford.

“An officer attended and, satisfied that no offence had taken place, offered advice to both parties at the scene.

“As part of Nottinghamshire Police’s normal practices and procedures, we will be reviewing this incident to establish the circumstances to see if further action needs to be taken.”
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